Genealogy and the LawGenealogy and the Law

What does the law have to do with genealogy? Everything! From the records generated to intellectual property and copyright, understanding the law makes for better genealogy. Learn how to use historical laws and copyright in your research with this anytime workshop. Learn more and sign up at Family Tree University.

Heritage Museums

Heritage Museums
Explore your heritage with these 11 heritage museums to get insight into your ancestors' lives. Let us know which heritage museums are on your list to visit at our Facebook.

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Your 30-minute dose of genealogy resources, tips and fun, hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke.

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Click the e-book, best tips and tricks for preserving and restoring your family's old photos digitally.
Preserve Your Old Family Photos, to download. This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s

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Kentucky Genealogy
Live on June 20, 2017 at 7pm ET:  
Kentucky Genealogy Research Strategies
June 1st marks the anniversary of Kentucky becoming a state, which means there's 225 years' worth of history - and genealogy! - to explore. Find the records of your Kentucky ancestors with this live class! Register now!

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6 Steps to a Free Family Website

This article is will put you on the path to placing your family history online.

41 Strategies for Finding Your Family History Online

Think your ancestors are a lost cause? Not with our 41 strategies for finding your family history online.

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