101 Best Genealogy Websites 2013

Our 2013 roundup of the 101 Best Websites for genealogy offers rays of research hope with new sites plus perennial favorites sporting new features and records.

Genealogy 101

cluster genealogy: Studying your ancestor as part of a group, or “cluster,” of relatives, friends and neighbors and associates. The cluster approach can help you find (or confirm) details you might miss by looking only at an individual ancestor.
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Editor's Picks 

Source Analysis Workshop
Genealogical research is like detective work: You have to collect evidence and evaluate your findings in order to draw conclusions about your family tree. So how do you ensure the accuracy of your research? Join professional genealogist Michael Hait for a week-long primer on the principles the pros strive for in their work.
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If the answers to your Irish genealogy inquiries can be found at the end of a rainbow, then consider this your Pot o’ Gold. - See more at: http://www.familytreeuniversity.com/best-irish-genealogy-websites#sthash.00wVdwXI.dpuf
Polish Genealogy Crash Course
Eastern European Genealogy Expert Lisa A. Alzo will direct you to the right records and resources to help you trace your family tree to Poland and beyond.

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