Research Trackers and Organizers
These forms help you keep track of your research progress and organize your genealogy files.

Research Trackers and Organizers

These forms help you keep track of your research progress and organize your genealogy files.

We've developed these tools to help you keep tabs on your genealogy plans and progress, so you can research more efficiently. They're great for tracking which records you've searched, which ones you need to, and what's still in the works.

To download a form:

Click  TEXT or  PDF next to the name of the form. Depending on your browser, the form will either open immediately or instruct you to save the file to your hard drive. If you open the text forms directly, you can save them to your hard drive by pulling down your File menu and selecting Save As. You can also print forms by pulling down your File menu and selecting Print.

Personal Records Inventory
A formatted template to record a detailed inventory of your personal records.
Research calendar
A classic research organizer that'll help you keep track of materials you've searched.

Note-taking form 1
Designed for filing your notes by couple or family group: "John and Mary Jones."

Note-taking form 2 
Designed for filing your notes by surname and record type: "ROBINSON: Census Records."

Online Database Search Tracker  
Use this form to track searches in and other online genealogy databases. You'll avoid repeating fruitless searches, and, by methodically changing one search term at a time, increase your chances of finding the record you need.

Repository checklist
Plan a research trip by recording details about the archive or library you intend to visit.   

Research journal 
Here, list sources you've checked or plan to check.

Research worksheet
This sheet is ideal for tracking research on long-lost relatives or 20th-century ancestors.

Table of contents  
On this form, list the documents in a file folder so you can find them quickly.

Correspondence log
Keep track of general research requests you send to libraries and archives.

Family correspondence log  
Organize research requests sent to and from family members.

Article reading list  
Catalog genealogy articles you want to read or refer to later.

Research checklist of books  
List books you want to check for your ancestors' names.

Book wish list  
Make a checklist of genealogy books you'd like to buy or borrow.

Surname variant chart
Keep track of surnames you're researching, as well as their variant forms and spellings.
Burned County Records Inventory
Formulate a plan to get around brick walls caused by record losses. Inventory records that were lost, records that survived, and available substitutes. 
Research Planner and Log
Use this type-in form to record a research problem or question, known information about it, and steps to solve it. Check the box in the "Done" column as you complete each step. This form is ideal for organizing a "teamwork" approach to genealogy research.

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