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Genealogy Insider: Talking Tombstones
Are QR codes a good solution to provide more information on tombstones?
Most family historians have known the joy of finally finding an ancestor’s burial site, only to have their joy dampened by an unreadable inscription. Or a sparing one that reduces your ancestor’s life to mere birth and death dates. How many times have you wished a tombstone could talk to you—or even better, show you photos, videos and life stories of your deceased relative?
Cemeteries don’t often see technological advances (there are only so many ways to inter a body), but technology is helping to solve an age-old problem: how to share important life details about the dearly departed in a limited space that’s also exposed to all manner of weather.
Quick Response (QR) codes can provide a solution. Even if you’ve never used a QR code, you’ve probably seen one. These patterned black-and-white squares are showing up on advertisements, business cards, store shelves, signs, packaging and more.
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