Photo Finish: Heritage on Holiday
Long summer days were no stranger to our ancestors, who knew the satisfaction of hitting a beach blanket on a hot day. Harken back to holidays past as our readers share some of their favorite historical vacation photos.
"This picture from my grandfather’s album would get him talking about his wonderful childhood days on Long Island, about 1927. The photo is of my grandfather Jack Clune with his sisters Miriam and Hollie."
Annette Santos
"This photo shows my uncle Harold Glenn and my grandmother Florence Ackerman Powell (in the back row), and my aunt Helen Ackerman and great-grandfather William Ackerman (in the front row), in Atlantic City during the summer of 1912."
Jacki Barycki
"These are my great-aunts and my grandmother in North Carolina in 1941. From left is Ruby Mae West, Catherine 'Toot' West, and my grandmother, Bessie Louise West."
Tammy Saul
From the July/August 2014 Family Tree Magazine 
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