41 Family History Freebies
No need to get out your wallet for these 41 genealogy goodies. Improve
your roots research for free with apps, forms, images and software.
At some point during your childhood, you may have let slip a choice phrase and ended up like Ralphie in the 1983 movie A Christmas Story: gagging on a bar of Lifebuoy soap. Sure, your mother taught you to steer clear of four-letter words, but we can think of one that’s guaranteed to put a smile on a genealogist’s face—and on Mom’s: FREE.

Plenty of fabulous family tree freebies are out there if you know where to find them. Even better: You don’t have to look any further than the next few pages for oodles of no-cost goodies you can use to perk up your genealogical productivity. You’ll find apps to keep you on the go; genealogy software, charts and forms for getting your research organized; and websites packed with images that’ll bring your family history to life before your eyes. Here’s an obscenely long list of awesome genealogy giveaways.