Troubled Times
Ancestors in their own words.
I Abigail Bailey … do now undertake to record some of the dealings of the allwise God with me, in events, which I am sure I ought solemnly to remember, as long as I live.
April 15, 1767. I was married to Asa Bailey, just after having entered the 22nd year of my age. … It had been my hope to find a companion of a meek, peaceable temper; a lover of truth; discreet and pleasant. … But I met with a sore disappointment,—I soon found that my new friend was naturally of a hard, uneven, rash temper.
In September, 1770, we hired a young woman to live with us. She had been a stranger to me, I found her rude, and full of vanity. Her ways were to me disagreeable. But to my grief I saw they were pleasing to Mr. B. Their whole attention seemed to be toward each other. … I learned to my full satisfaction, that there was very improper conduct between them.