Canada Calling
The charms of Canada have wooed millions of immigrants. Were your ancestors among them? We’ll help you find out.
What with the Mayflower story and the millions of people who set foot on Ellis Island, US arrivals seem to hog most of the attention when it comes to immigration. But not every family’s “how they got here” tale ends in the United States.
Over the centuries, countless immigrants from the British Isles, Eastern Europe, Asia and, yes, even the United States, have answered the call to Canada. Some stayed to take jobs in cities or work on farms; others headed for Canada’s southern neighbor (maybe after sticking around awhile). It started with some 6,000 French immigrants who settled New France in the late the 17th century, and continues today as more than 200,000 arrive in Canada each year. Canada’s very character is defined by the successive waves of immigrants who settled its vast prairies and peopled its cities and towns.