AncestorNews: Brick Wall Strategies

I'm frustrated. As readers of this column know, I've been on a tear of late, trying to break down my Hendrickson brick wall. A recent trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City yielded a few clues from journal articles (in publications such as Kentucky Ancestors and Kentucky Genealogist) as well as mentions of my family in various land records—one of which seemed to indicate a Revolutionary War-related land grant. However, I couldn't trace the family back any further. What to do?

First, I dug out a copy of The Family Tree Resource Book for Genealogists (published by the Family Tree Magazine folks) and checked out the Kentucky records chapter. I learned that many early county records, as well as militia records from 1786, are at the Filson Library and the Kentucky State Archives. Okay—two places to check out by snail mail.