Finding Ancestors' Marriage Records
Seeking your ancestors’ marriage records? Follow these 12 tips and your search will end happily ever after.
Wedding bells ring at each junction, more or less, of your family tree. You’d think so many weddings would have you practically tripping over marriage records, but in reality, finding proof of all those nuptials can be like searching for The One. Maybe you’re having trouble tracking down the couple’s marriage certificate, or the wedding took place before vital record keeping began. Happily, official records aren’t the only evidence a marriage occurred.

The good news is that many kinds of documents provide details on when and where a couple wed, and maybe even who officiated the blessed event, which family members attended and what they gave the bride and groom. The less-good news is that not all of these records exist for every time and place. But can they help you track down the newlyweds on your family tree? These 12 tips will assist in your search for ancestors who tied the knot.