Getting Organized with a PDA
Don't overload on family facts at your next reunion—upload and organize with a PDA.

Documents to Go

You've just checked into the local hotel, and between reminding the kids to act like ladies and gentlemen—not Uncle Steve—and peeking in the mirror to make sure the extra 10 pounds you're sporting since the last reunion are as hidden as they're going to be, you're already feeling it—information overload.

Remember the last reunion, when you forgot to get Aunt Mabel's e-mail address and it took three months to find her home and awake when you called? Then there was the debacle after you forgot Uncle Phil's birthday. And the trauma cousin Anita endured because she lost the dinner napkin where she'd written Great-aunt Freda's first marriage date—just before Freda died. Family reunions are nesting grounds for information overload. Whether it's a gathering of 30 or 300, you just can't take in everything that those people who share your gene pool want to tell you. That is, until now.