Nevada County History and Listings
Our county-by-county listing of Nevada has contact information and dates vital records for historic and modern-day counties.

Incorporated: Jan. 17, 1854
Parent County: Original county
Notes: Organized as a county in Utah Territory. Discontinued March 2, 1861, when Nevada Territory was created. Became part of Douglas, Lyon, Ormsby, Storey, Churchill, Pershing, Humboldt and Washoe Counties.

Carson City
885 E. Musser St., Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2260
Incorporated: Nov. 25, 1861
Parent Counties: Original County
Birth Records: Start in 1887, kept by County Recorder
Marriage: 1855, County Clerk
Divorce: 1864, County Clerk
Death: 1891, County Recorder
Land: 1862, County Recorder
Probate: 1864, County Clerk
Court: 1864, County Clerk
Naturalization: 1864, County Clerk
Military: 1919, County Recorder
Notes: Organized as Ormsby County. Consolidated into Carson City 1969 and Ormsby County discontinued.