On the Bookshelf: Research in Detroit

  • Global Journeys in Metro Detroit: A Multicultural Guide to the Motor City by Marcia Danner, Helen B. Love and Patricia Banker Peart (New Detroit, $12.95), ethnic dining, arts and attractions, plus history

  • Guide to the Manuscripts in the Burton Historical Collection by Bernice Cox Sprenger (order from Burton, $5), annotated and indexed

  • A Genealogical Guide to the Burton Historical Collection by Joseph Oldenburg (Ancestry, out of print)

  • Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region, 1701-1936 by Christian Denissen (Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, $48)

  • Early Days in Detroit by Friend Palmer (Omnigraphics, out of print), personal narrative on people and events during his 1820 to 1906 lifetime

  • Passage to America 1851-1869: The Records of Richard Elliott, Passenger Agent, Detroit, Michigan by Mary Lou Straith Duncan (Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, $24)