Hunt Down Rare Books
Don't get in a bind hunting down old books. We'll teach you online tricks for turning up rare and out-of-print volumes.

My uncle Martin Hendrickson was fearless. Large and unyielding in principle, he never let a man get away with bullying, or a woman be treated poorly. He was a pillar of his community, the first to leap into action when there was trouble, and so likable that everyone in town called him "Uncle Mart." This Kansas farmer had a mysterious side, too—one of uncannily accurate premonitions. In fact, Uncle Mart saved more than one life by acting on his visions.

It doesn't seem unusual that I'd be so well-acquainted with my uncle—until you know he was born in 1834. And everything I've learned about this Indian-fighting, larger-than-life buffalo hunter came from old books.