Wide Open Spaces
Feeling crowded by genealogy papers, books, photos and other stuff? Save space with these 10 ideas to get your clutter under control.
A fellow genealogist recently updated her Facebook status with: “Filing ... the challenge for all genealogists! My goal this week is to clear a path to my file cabinets. Then I can catch up!” It was a very well-liked update. Most of us are in the same predicament: How do we stay organized as our printed census records, research notes and family tree charts continue piling up, but our space to store them remains limited (and minuscule)? As I sat pondering my own towering piles of paper, I came up with 10 space-saving ways to get organized. These strategies—from purging to digitizing to making equipment do double duty—will open up the mental and physical space you need to conquer tough genealogical challenges.