Apple Picking
Select the right software for you from the crop of Mac genealogy programs.
For genealogists in the Apple computing camp, choosing to go Mac was probably easy. Besides the intuitive, graphical, friendly feel, you don't have to deal with Windows' infamous viruses, the “blue screen of death” and those annoying “abort, retry, fail?” dialog boxes. When it comes to genealogy, however, you face a more-difficult choice: Which family tree software should you use?

As Macs' popularity has grown, so have your genealogy software options. Much of this development, for whatever reason, has taken place overseas. The French origins of Heredis and the German roots of MacFamilyTree don't make either program any less useful for US genealogists, though you will notice a certain stiffness in the obviously translated Help files and other instructions. Other programs, such as iFamily for Tiger and GEDitCOM, spring from independent US developers determined to show that genealogy can be done better — and differently — on a Mac.

To make your choice easier, we tested and evaluated a half-dozen genealogy programs. Our program-by-program roundup and ratings chart (opposite page) will help you match software to your genealogical and technical needs and abilities.