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Check out these genealogy-focused DNA-testing kits.
Check out these genealogy-focused DNA-testing kits on the market (all tests use swab samples from the cheek):

African Ancestry: Rick Kittles, co-director of molecular genetics at the National Human Genome Center at Howard University, and business consultant Cina Paige have teamed up to provide maternal and paternal DNA tests that will determine whether you have African ancestry and, if so, which region of Africa your ancestors came from. The tests cost $349 each (there's a discount for two or more tests) and can be ordered from (202) 439-0641 or <>.

Family Tree DNA: Genealogy enthusiast Bennett Greenspan and his team of geneticists have tested genealogists' DNA since 1999. The company offers a number of swab tests to determine paternal, maternal and Native American ancestry. Plus, the company will notify you of other customers with the same DNA. Prices range from $149 for the 12 Marker Match Y-chromosome test to $567 for the Comprehensive Ancestral/Anthropological Test. Learn more by calling (713) 868-1438 or visiting <>.