July/August 2013 Genealogy Insider

5 Questions With David A. Lambert

The expert behind Ask-a-Genealogist at the New England Historical Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has titles that now include Chief Genealogist and Past Finder. We wanted to know more.

1. How did you come to NEGHS?
I started doing genealogy when I was 7. They wouldn’t let me in [to NEHGS] without a parent, so I had to wait to join until I was 17. Since then I’ve either been a member or on staff.

2. What does a Chief Genealogist do?
I meet genealogists when they first come to NEHGS. I make sure they don’t blindly get on the elevator and wander around lost. Sometimes I coordinate half-hour to half-day consultations for them [$60 to $80 per hour]. I meet thousands of people and give lectures around the world.