December 2012 Editor's Note
Family Tree Magazine Publisher/Editorial Director Allison Dolan takes you through a few tips, and directs you to a few articles in the December 2012 issue for more guidance with the holidays and managing time.

‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is kind of ironic—and no, I don’t mean the pair of size eleventy-billion, Velveeta-yellow pajamas that Aunt Betty insists on giving you and all your 5-foot-2-inch relatives every single year. (Where does she even find those things?)
Rather, it’s the time of year when we typically see the most of our extended families—yet it feels like there’s less time than ever for genealogy.
If the hustle and bustle of turkey roasting, football watching and holiday-deal chasing has interrupted your family tree research, don’t fret. You’ll find plenty of ideas in these pages to imbue your season with family history.