Genetic Genealogy Testing Companies
Links to genetic genealogy testing companies and the tests each offers.

Following are links to genetic genealogy testing companies and the tests each one offers (see our DNA test overview to learn what each type of test can tell you). Be sure to visit each company's Web site for updates on its services, as well as pricing and other information.

  • 23andme
    Tests: autosomal; results include tools for interpreting test results relating to health information and deep ancestry

  • African Ancestry
    (202) 723-0900
    Tests: ethnic (African)

  • AfricanDNA
    (713) 868-1438
    Tests: ethnic (African; can also order genealogical research services)

  • Ancestry DNA
    Tests: mtDNA, Y-DNA, autosomal  

  • DNA Consulting
    (505) 473-5155
    Tests: biogeographical, Y-DNA, mtDNA, ethnic (Native American and African-American)

  • Family Tree DNA
    (713) 868-1438
    Tests: Y-DNA, mtDNA, autosomal, biogeographical, ethnic (Native American, African-American, Jewish), STR

  • National Geographic Genographic project
    Tests: mtDNA, Y-DNA (12 markers only)

  • Oxford Ancestors
    +44 (186) 584 7549
    Tests: mtDNA, Y-DNA, ethnic (British Isles and others)