Doorway To Your Roots
Get inside the world's largest genealogy library without leaving your hometown. These keys will help you unlock the Family History Library's local resources.

Most of us would need five lifetimes to visit all the places our ancestors lived and scour the records at the pertinent churches, courthouses, cemeteries, libraries and archives. But thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), you can find many of those records in one place: the Family History library (FHL) in Salt Lake City.

The FHL houses the world's largest collection of genealogical materials. Since 1938, LDS staff have traveled the globe to gather and microfilm millions of records about people of all faiths. Today, the FHL collection — which anyone can access for free — includes birth, death and marriage records; census schedules; military files; church registers; cemetery transcriptions; immigration lists; and many other types of records from all over the United States, Canada and more than 110 other countries.