Eire Apparent
See how Otherdays.com can lead you back to 19th-century Ireland: Our exclusive first look guides you through the new subscription site's genealogical treasures.
Forego the four-leaf clover — if you're researching ancestors from the Emerald Isle, you already have good fortune in a new online resource, Otherdays.com <www.otherdays.com>. The impressive collection of primary sources on this subscription Web site would make any genealogist believe in the luck of the Irish.

Otherdays.com belongs to the new breed of genealogy sites built on digital replicas of original records rather than millions of transcribed names. Its mission goes beyond helping you find Great-grandpa Seamus in County Cork in 1852 — through pictures, newspapers, books and other contemporary sources, it lets you envision his experience.

To see just how Otherdays.com can help you step into Seamus' shoes, we got an exclusive sneak peek at the site. Here's a tour of the resources and tools you'll find in its different content areas: