Family Archivist: Bridal and Baptismal Gowns
May and June are typically filled with springtime weddings, and bridal and baby showers. But when the church bells stop ringing, do you know how to safely preserve the keepsake gowns?

Ask the Archivist

Q. How do I care for an heirloom satin baptismal gown? It’s embroidered and trimmed in lace. I’d love for my grandson to wear it for his baptism.

Lucky baby to wear such a precious christening gown! First, examine it. Wash your hands and remove rings, or wear white cotton gloves. Spread the gown over a cotton sheet and look for stains, tears and loose beads. If it appears in good condition, it may be ready for your grandson after a thorough airing. Hang the gown on a padded hanger for a few days, away from light, and heating or air conditioning vents.