Family Tree Maker 11 Software Review
The most-popular genealogy software program gets a facelift in version 11.'s Family Tree Maker (FTM) has always excelled at producing a wide assortment of graphical family trees customized to suit your tastes. But instead of adding even more graphical capabilities, the program's latest upgrade, version 11, boasts several practical improvements. Read on to learn about FTM's fantastic new features — and what still needs work.

A+ properties

You never know when disaster will befall your computer, so it's important to back up your files regularly. Your family files are probably large enough that you'd need to back them up on multiple 1.44MB floppy disks. But FTM now lets you copy your files directly to a 650MB CD-R (recordable compact disc), which should hold all your data and cut down on clutter.