Family Historian 2.1 Review
Family Historian 2.1 breaks new ground with its unique charting Capabilities.

Most Americans turn to homegrown genealogy software to organize their research, but imported programs are catching up in the marketplace and merit your consideration. Version 2.1 of Calico Pie's Family Historian, one of the most popular genealogy programs in Great Britain, boasts several major improvements and some features you won't find in American programs. Here's how Family Historian measures up in a few key areas:

Graphic charts — Like most genealogy programs, Family Historian helps you create attractive family tree charts. But in this program, the charts aren't just for printing — they're interactive, and you can use them to edit your family information. Just click and drag the chart's boxes to add relatives. Double-click on a name, edit the person's information, and it's immediately updated on the chart. While viewing a multigeneration chart, you can edit an individual's details in another window. That lets you see the big picture and details at the same time.