FamilySearch agrees to hold genealogy catalog in WorldCat
Two indispensable genealogy resources are joining forces, resulting in a win for genealogists wanting to access offline family history research materials.

FamilySearch and OCLC (the Online Computer Library Center) have reached an agreement to list the holdings of the FamilySearch genealogy catalog in WorldCat, the OCLC’s online search portal to catalogs from 74,000 repositories in more than 70 countries.

Under this partnership, OCLC will incorporate data from FamilySearch’s catalog into WorldCat, and FamilySearch will use OCLC cataloging services to continue to catalog its collections in WorldCat. FamilySearch also will incorporate WorldCat results into search results returned by FamilySearch genealogy services.

The combined catalogs will save you research steps: Instead of searching WorldCat for family and local histories and other sources, then searching FamilySearch for genealogy records, you’ll be able to run a search at either site for results from both.

That’ll also make it easier to see when a library near you holds copies of Family­Search's genealogy resources—including printed books at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City, which FamilySearch doesn’t circulate to its local FamilySearch Centers. To borrow microfilm from the FHL, you’ll need to plan a visit to a FamilySearch Center near you.

On WorldCat, you can set up a profile to create your own bibliographies, review materials, and more. WorldCat also has a mobile app so you can search from your iPhone or Android device.

From the May/June 2013 Family Tree Magazine