Genealogy GPS: Keeping Your Family Tree Research On Course
Want to keep your family history research on course? Let the Genealogical Proof Standard be your guide to evaluating and citing research sources.
Many of today’s drivers rely on GPS technology to get from place to place. GPS units—global positioning systems—calculate the best routes and give step-by-step directions, even in unfamiliar territory. They advise you where to stop for lunch and instantly recalculate the route when you miss a turn.
Another type of GPS can guide your family history journey. The Genealogical Proof Standard serves as a “genealogical GPS” that teaches basic navigational skills: how to plot your research course, track your progress, read conflicting sets of directions and share your journey with friends and family.
Once you’ve navigated your research path with genealogical GPS, you won’t want to be without it. And you might as well learn from the best: Here, follow three expert genealogists as they handle the twists, turns and potholes on the research road—and see how genealogical GPS steers them right. Hang on and enjoy the ride.