Genelines Software: It's About Time
Genelines plots your family's place in history.
Traditional pedigree charts and family group sheets present a rather dry summary of names, dates and places. To top it off, these charts can be quite a challenge for non-genealogists to understand. Your family is bound to have a few unfortunate souls who still don't share your passion for genealogy — and "boring" charts aren't likely to help them see the light. Enter Genelines from Progeny Software <>.

Genelines creates eye-catching timeline charts that highlight important events in your family history and put them in a broader historical context. Drawing on data you've already compiled using Personal Ancestral File, Family Tree Maker or other genealogy software, a Genelines chart can show not only personal events such as marriages, occupations and places of residence, but also how history unfolded during your ancestors' lives — cultural milestones, wars and technological developments, for example. A quick glance at the chart lets you easily answer questions such as "Which of my ancestors were alive during the Civil War?" "Could my grandparents have known any of their grandparents?" or "Were any of my great-great-grandparents still living when the telephone was invented?"

The program is a utility that complements your full-featured Windows genealogy program. Version 1.2P offers a selection of five timeline charts: