Heredis Mac X Review
France's Heredis software brings its powerful chart-making Capabilities to the Mac.

Ever since BSD Concept's English-language version (6.1) of Heredis hit the marker in 2001, we've hailed this French export's ability to produce knockout family tree charts. But until now, the program was available for only PCs. We tested out the new Heredis Mac X, which runs on Mac OS 9.1 and higher, and found that it excels in more areas than just chart making.

Ease of use — You won't find a more user-friendly interface than Heredis Mac X's. The program fits a lot of information on one screen, hut the data's well-organized, which makes navigating between individuals' records a breeze. Tabs at the top of the screen let you choose among three navigation modes: Immediate Family, Personal Data and Union Data. The Immediate Family mode shows an individual's full name, occupation, birth and death dates, parents, spouses and children. You'd use the Personal Data mode to enter this information about your relative (see next section), and Union Data mode to add details about her marriage.