Heritage for the Holidays
Celebrate the Season in Historical Style At One of These Seven Resorts That Really Know How to Deck the Halls.
This year, you won't have to ask Aunt Penelope about the interesting green substance in her holiday "dessert." You won't have to ask yourself if droopy Uncle Eddie — droopy, getting louder Uncle Eddie — is on the verge of setting a North American snoring record.

Let a renowned pastry chef bake Aunt Penelope a nice cake instead. Discover how festive fun can keep Uncle Eddie wide-awake. Joy to the world! This year, you won't have to touch the dishes.

But that doesn't mean you have to take the clan to some soulless skyscraper or cookie-cutter motel. This season is nothing if not rich in heritage, and you can find unique resorts across the country that boast as much history as they do holiday lights. Whether you want to celebrate in surroundings that recall your immigrant roots or hang your stockings where yesterday's barons of industry once slept, there's a historic resort that's right for you.