Historians for Hire
Good help for your memoir isn't hard to find. Employ our guide to choosing and Using personal historians.
The idea of creating a memoir often inspires the same lament: You don't know where to start. You've gotten frustrated trying to write it all down. Or you're unsure how to compile all your memories and mementos into one neat package.

You don't have to struggle alone — an emerging group of professionals can help you take your life story from stalled to stellar. Personal historians create a made-to-order chronicle of your life or family history. They'll complete compilations for individuals, couples, groups or even posthumously for a favorite relative. You and your historian work together to produce whatever kind of memoir you want: book, video or multimedia presentation.

Because the field is so new, no standard qualifications are required of personal historians. Many have backgrounds in journalism or video production, and a large portion have been involved in the social services industry. Learn how to take advantage of this expertise — and finally finish your life story — with these tips on finding, choosing and working with personal historians.