Honor Thy Ancestors
The American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island
Honor thy ancestors

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor at Ellis Island, the largest wall of names in the world, honors all who came and built America. Whether your immigrant ancestors entered through Ellis Island, through another port, or forcibly as slaves, you can memorialize them on the Wall of Honor. The wall is one of the chief fund-raisers for The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. A minimum contribution of $100 is required to place a name on the wall. To date, 600,000 names have been inscribed. They range from George Washington's great-grandfather and John F. Kennedy's great-grandparents to the ancestors of Gregory Peck, Cicely Tyson and Jay Leno. Computer kiosks in the Ellis Island museum allow visitors to search for names on the wall, as well as for donors.

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