July 2011 Time Capsule
Ancestors in their own words. In this issue: Call of the open road.
With a penchant to travel the family made a motor trip all the way to Florida [from Texas] in 1918, camping out along the way. Evidently that just whetted their desire to "see the other side" because in 1921 they set out for California. Mollie quickly said, "that trip took 14 days to get to California and 12 days to return."

John remembered, "I wore out three sets of tires on that trip and it was then I got the idea for a tourist court." They camped one night in New Mexico in a sheep shed due to the kindness of a sheep rancher, and John said he knew then that camping apartments would be popular with travelers.

On his return home he sold his garage … and the family set out for Lorraine, out in West Texas. Once there he built nine sheet iron buildings, each designed large enough to drive a car through and with doors that could be closed to shut out the bad weather. Once inside a traveler would find in one corner a two-eye burner stove and firewood, allowing him to camp entirely under dover [sic].