Memory Savers: Casting Call
Give voice to your family history with our four-step guide to creating your own podcasts.

Imagine your 16-year-old granddaughter listening to Grandpa recount his WWII feats in between punk-rock tracks on her iPod. Your son tuning in to the story of Aunt Lucy's first date while he checks his e-mail. Hearing your newborn grandchild's coos echo from your computer's speakers.

Podcasting makes all this - and more - possible. For the uninitiated, podcasts are basically digital, downloadable radio shows. But unlike radio, where you have to tune in to a particular channel at a particular time, you can download (or subscribe to) a podcast and listen to it at your convenience. Podcasts can be played on a computer, MP3 music player or over the Internet. They're a perfect means to preserve and share oral family history - and you don't have to be a technology guru to produce them. Just follow our four-step guide for a crash course in broadcasting your past.