November 2011 Everything's Relative
The lighter side of family history.

Noncensus: July Winners

Anyone who says genealogy isn't funny hasn't looked at enough census records. The readers who sent these chucklers will receive our Census Secrets CD to further their census research.

Is You Is?
My Southern great-great-grandfather, James Monroe Stafford, a Union Army volunteer, was captured and sent to the Andersonville prison. His pension application indicates scurvy and severe diarrhea left him with a chronic disability.

That apparently didn't stifle his sense of humor: Family lore says that when the 1880 census-taker asked his name, he replied "My name is Bill -- what's yours?" The 1880 DeKalb County, Ala., census lists him as "Isbill Stafford."
Peggy Fuller Paul, Olathe, Kan.