Out on a Limb: Caught in the Web
Using today's technology to recapture yesterday's instants.
Last night, using the latest whiz-bang 21st-century technology, I found a piece of the past. That's what the Web sites featured in this issue's annual "101 Best" let you do: open a window into yesterday. Maybe it's an old photo, or a map of where your ancestors lived, or just a name flickering on your screen. Ironically, this signature technology of our era lets you look backward as never before.

And more pieces of the past are coming to the Web every day. Since our first "101 Best," two years ago, the Web has exploded with new databases and digitized images of documents. In 2000, the Web was a great place to get genealogy help and connect with distant kin. In 2002, you can do real research online.

Last year, we spotlighted 101 new and improved sites. This year, we decided it was time to revisit our original list. With tens of thousands of genealogy Web sites, where do you start? We modestly suggest you begin on page 20. (As always, type exactly what's between the <> brackets for each Web address — don't type the brackets, which we use to make clear where URLs begin and end. Or skip the typing: You'll find clickable links to all 101, plus our 2000 and 2001 lists, on our site, <www.familytreemagazine.com>.)