Out on a Limb: Party of Five
Toasting a half-decade of helping you find your family tree.
Family legend has it that my great-great-grandmother was a medium. Apparently, I didn't inherit her gift of vision: When I joined the editorial staff of a brand-new magazine five years ago, I couldn't have envisioned the success story I'd be telling today. We conceived this magazine to fulfill an unmet need. Although genealogy was a hugely popular hobby, enthusiasts didn't have a how-to publication written and edited according to the magazine industry's highest standards. We felt that if every special-interest group from beer brewers to birders had its own stylish-yet-substantive publication, genealogists deserved one, too. So we set out to produce an attractive, informative, beginner-friendly magazine: one that would make the hobby accessible-and enjoyable-to anyone interested in discovering, preserving and celebrating the past.

Genealogists resoundingly agreed-even we were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for Family Tree Magazine. “I have got to tell you that your magazine is the only one that I have ever read cover to cover!” raved Michelle Strang. “I can't think of a more valuable tool available to novice genealogists such as myself, or for the far more experienced, than your magazine.” In particular, people liked our all-encompassing content. “The scope of subjects you tackle is stunning: journal writing, photo preservation, computer use,” noted Kevin Barton. “It made me want to read every word, as every word was skill-oriented and useful.” Readers also praised the magazine's look, content and tone (“not stuffy!!” applauded Suzie Whiteside).