Page-turner From The Past
Brenda Joyce's new book "The Third Heiress"

Maybe Mary Higgins Clark had better start researching her family tree. Publishers Weekly, the bible of the book-publishing industry, seems to be heralding a new subgenre of thriller novels: the “genealogical thriller.” In its review of romance novelist Brenda Joyce's new book, The Third Heiress (St. Martin's), PW predicted that the page-turner with a family-history plot could be Joyce's breakout novel.

The thriller follows heroine Jill Gallagher, a ballerina-turned-Broadway-dancer, after her aristocratic British fiance is killed in a car wreck. Accompanying his body back to London, Jill finds a mysterious 1906 photo of two women: her fiance's grandmother and another young woman with the same last name as Jill. From there Jill is off on a quest into her past, searching for the secret of the woman she's convinced is her ancestor. Of course, there's lots of intrigue, betrayal and romance along the way.