Pages to the Past
10 recently released books for your roots research.
1. Long Distance Genealogy by Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer (Betterway Books). Few of us live where our ancestors lived, and that's where the records are. Many genealogy books tell you what records you need, but not how to access them from where you live. This book gives dozens of sample letters and shows you how to get the records you need without leaving home.

2. Genealogy Basics Online by Cherri Melton Flinn (Muska & Lipman Publishing). In this easy-to-read guide, Cherri Melton Flinn shows you how to find the best Web sites to discover your family history, how to use Web directories and search engines, and how to meet and exchange information with other researchers online.

3. The Weekend Genealogist by Marcia Melnyk (Betterway Books). Do you only have a limited amount of time to devote to genealogy? Marcia Melnyk shows you how to accomplish more in your family history search in less time. She offers useful time-management tips and suggestions, whether you have 10 minutes or the whole weekend to spend on your hobby.