Photo Detective: Clueless
Think your mystery photo offers no leads? Take another look—we'll help you extract its hidden hints.

Imagine trying to identify this photograph of a woman we'll assume is Mom “posed” under a picnic blanket for a candid shot with the baby as the focus. For one, you can't see anyone's face but the infant's-and don't babies all look alike, anyway? There's no telling whether the little one's a boy or girl: His or her fuzzy little head means you can't rely on the tried-and-true rule that girls wore center parts and boys combed their hair to the side. Costume clues are usually helpful, but only one sleeve and the soles of this woman's shoes show. The man to her left is no help; he's barely visible. And baby dresses don't narrow dates much because the styles rarely changed and families handed down kids' clothes. The only prop here—the magazine—is placed at an angle and is impossible to decipher.