Programming a Perfect Reunion
Family Reunion Organizer guides you through the party-planning process.
The relatives have all agreed it's time for a reunion. But how are you going to pull it off without pulling out your hair? Here comes FormalSoft's Family Reunion Organizer to the rescue.

This nifty little piece of software has a checklist for the entire process, from getting started with basic family information, through the nitty-gritty of planning activities and creating a budget, down to post-reunion activities, including evaluation forms and thank-you notes for your fellow committee members. Great tips on coming up with a theme for your reunion and ideas for locations are also available at <>.

The tips and ideas are worth the price of the software, even without the list-creation functions. In fact, if you're planning to share work on list files, you're probably better off to employ a widely used spreadsheet program such as Microsoft's Excel, since Family Reunion list files can't be saved as other formats.