Recent Developments
Are your digital photos an organizational disaster? These three new software programs are made to order.
Old habits die hard. Even though digital technology has changed the way we snap and share family photos, we still stick to the "shoebox" storage method: filing our memories away in a shoebox until we find time to sort or display them later. You can't toss digital pictures into an actual shoebox, of course. But if you have a digital camera or scanner, you've probably accumulated a jumbled mass of photos on your computer's hard drive or recordable CDs — the electronic equivalent of those shoeboxes stuffed with old-fashioned prints.

To break the shoebox habit, you need a tool to put your pictures in order. Database software for organizing digital files traditionally has been too pricey or geared toward techheads. Now, though, software developers are designing applications for the average picturetaker — including these three new photo-organizing programs that let you easily sort and access your family's memories.

Picture fixer and filer
By Rick Crume