Red-Eye Vanishing Act
How to use photo-editing to get rid of the red-eye effect in photos.
Our present-day family photos usually aren't flawless, either. For example, although you may affectionately refer to your kids or grandkids as "cute little devils," you don't want them sporting demonic red eyes in your photos.

Red eye occurs when your camera's flash reflects off your subjects' retinas. The low light that necessitates the flash also makes Kelsey's and Tommy's pupils open wider — which aggravates the problem.

Fortunately, your image-editing software can bring back their baby blues (or greens or browns) in a flash. It's usually as simple as using the now-common automatic red-eye remover. Although the process varies from program to program, the aim is the same: Replace the red pixels with black for the pupil, and restore color to the iris.