Research Trip Survival Kit
Hitting the road in search of your roots? Don't leave home without these 21 essentials.
After saving your pennies for years and planning for months, you're finally taking the genealogy trip of a lifetime. Maybe you're going to the Family History Library or visiting your ancestral hamlet in Europe. Or perhaps it's a cross-country jaunt to interview Grandaunt Edna and see old family homesteads along the way.

Wherever your search for your roots takes you, you don't want to get stuck without the tools you need to accomplish your research goals and experience the place. Just what should you tote along? Don't pack your bags without consulting our list of 21 essential supplies to help you survive -- and thrive -- on your next big genealogical adventure.

Before you pack: Plan. Whether you're headed to a family reunion that was scheduled a year in advance or you spontaneously booked a last-minute flight to Ljubljana, you should think about what you'll do when you get there and what you'd like to accomplish. A clear itinerary will help you maximize your precious time.