Reunion 7 Software Review
Reunion genealogy software stands out — and not just because it's for Macs only.
If you're a Mac loyalist and family history enthusiast, you've probably discovered you have slim pickings in the Windows-dominated world of genealogy software. Enter Reunion 7.0, the lone full-featured, Mac-only genealogy program. This $99.95 package (or $49.95 upgrade) from Leister Productions isn't unique just because of its platform, though. It's refreshingly different in size, speed and flexibility. Reunion is delivered on a single CD-ROM that contains the program and nothing but the program — no extraneous product demos, no offers from Internet service providers, not even a browser.complete installation of the program consumes just 12 MB of hard disk space.

But don't be misled by Reunion's humble size. This sleek powerhouse comes equipped with enough fancy features to delight seasoned genealogists, while the simple interface and family card data entry system make it a great choice for beginners.

The true measure of Reunion's power is its ease of use and ability to accommodate a wide range of skill levels. Beginners can quickly master genealogy tasks such as data entry, source citation, navigating family files and producing charts and reports. Advanced functions are present but non-intrusive, ready to use as your knowledge grows. Here's how Reunion handles the basics: