Reunion 8 Software Review
Reunion 8 boasts all the bells and whistles to make publishing your family tree a breeze.

After nearly two decades of using a Macintosh computer, I am used to slim pickings — software, hardware and everything-in-between-ware are all in far shorter supply than the plethora of programs my PC-driving friends are accustomed to. It's no surprise, then, that genealogy software for the Mac is sparse, as well. Of course, you will find a handful of shareware programs out there — some of them pretty darn nice. And then there's Leister Productions' Reunion.

Now weighing in at version 8, Reunion is virtually the only commercial genealogy software for the Mac. That's OK, though. Reunion's quality is impeccable, and it's unbelievably easy to use. Plus, this new version debuts additional chart-editing capabilities, search options and dozens of other improvements. It even gives OS X and earlier Mac platforms their own distinct-but-identical applications. I have a hard time imagining a better program.