Show Me Records
Missouri provides a single access point for digitized records from multiple organizations.
Missouri's secretary of state has set up a one-stop shop for digitized historical records, abstracts and indexes from the state archives as well as libraries, universities, historical societies and other repositories throughout the Show-Me State.

The Missouri Digital Heritage Initiative <> divides collections by subject area, though many record sets appear under multiple topics. Genealogical material is concentrated in the Family and Faith category, but you'll also want to explore the other topics, which include County and Municipal Records, Cultures and Communities, Newspapers and Sports and Recreation. (To see a lineup of all the record sets, click All Collections at the end of the Collections main page.)

Digitized records — hosted on both Missouri Digital Heritage and partner Web sites — include photographs, maps, birth and death indexes, a naturalization index, coroner's inquest abstractions, a state supreme court case index, newspaper articles, city directories and Civil War letters. All the records are accessible free.