Software Review: Branches
Though it lacks some functions found in other programs, Branches gives you the essential features you need and lets you visualize your family tree like no other genealogy software.
  • Version tested:
  • Price: $39.93
  • Manufacturer: Sherwood Electronics Laboratories
  • System requirements: Windows XP or newer
  • Demo/trial version: 30-day free trial from website
  • Biggest draws: Google Earth-style interface, ease of use
  • Drawbacks: no wall charts, imprecise GEDCOM file creation
Ease of use
If you’ve used Google Maps or Google Earth, you have an idea how Branches genealogy software works. Starting with a bird’s-eye view of your entire family tree, you can zoom in to see a single branch and zoom further to view a person’s details. Unlike typical genealogy software that alternates between a four- or five-generation pedigree view, a family view and an individual view, Branches shows everything in one window. Just move around your tree and zoom in and out to change your view.