Software Review: Family Tree Builder 5.0
Family Tree Builder 5.0 expands on two of the program's major strengths, online searching and charting.

Ease of Use

Well-designed screens and menus make Family Tree Builder easy to navigate. We like the innovative slider that lets you adjust the number of generations displayed between 3 (like a family view) and 4 or 5 (like a pedigree view). Hover your cursor over a name, and a window pops up with details on that person.

Take advantage of a Quick-Start Wizard and PDF user guide for help.

File Management

To make it easier to transfer photos and multimedia when you share a GEDCOM file (the standard format all genealogy software can read), Family Tree Builder helpfully puts copies of associated multimedia files in a separate folder.

Family Tree Builder 5.0
Price: free basic version (unlimited offline family file plus up to 250-person, 250MB online tree), $75 to $119.40 a year for premium versions
Manufacturer: MyHeritage
System requirements: Windows 98 or newer; online family tree works on Macs using Safari or Firefox browsers
Demo/trial version:
Biggest draws: ease of use, photo management, charts, online family tree publishing, web searching, support for 35 languages
Drawbacks: reports, source documentation
You can't specify how many generations of ancestors or descendants to include in a GEDCOM, and you can have only one family file open at a time.