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Mac users have a great new genealogy software choice in iFamily for Tiger.
What can a Tiger do that a Jaguar and a Panther can't? If you're talking about the various versions of the Mac OS X operating system, users of Tiger (10.4) have a genealogy software option their Panther (10.3) and Jaguar (10.2) brethren don't: iFamily for Tiger. Designed to take advantage of “the latest Apple Mac technology,” this new program lets you view and sort your family tree data according to your needs.

It's easy to get started with Family: Creating a new family tree is done with two clicks, and adding spouses, parents and children is a snap. Loading a GEDCOM takes only a minute or two.

The program's split-screen setup makes for easy navigation. When you select an individual, his or her family tree - children plus up to six generations of ancestors - appears in the top half of the screen, while details show up in the bottom half. Double-click on any name to make that individual the focal person.