State Research Guide: Wyoming
Level the research playing field with our guide to discovering your Equality State ancestors.

Wyoming isn't among America's most metropolitan states (its largest urban area has just over 85,000 residents), but it is one of the most progressive — at least as far as women's rights go. Its citizens enforced female suffrage in local elections 50 years before Uncle Sam caught on (though their main motive was garnering votes for statehood, which finally came in 1890). The Equality State also claims America's first female juror, court bailiff, judge and state governor.

Of course, Wyoming is known for more than egalitarianism. It's also home to our first national park, Yellowstone, a strong mining industry, and thoroughfares for westward-bound pioneers. The Oregon, Overland, Mormon, Bozeman and Bridger trails passed through the state; more than 400,000 travelers used them from about 1841 to 1868.